4 Differences between inbound marketing and outbound marketing

Depending on the type of business you have, you must select which marketing strategies could be more effective. Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing can work hand in hand to achieve incredible results, however, there are differences that you should know to get the most out of them. In this article, we teach you everything you need to know about these strategies so you can choose which one is best for you or if you want to use both. Do not take off!

"According to the study made by Qapital Consulting; 89% of the companies that merge both strategies produce a greater number of sales and, therefore, higher revenues."


Over 3.5 Billion Google searches are made every minute. Every second, 24,000 gigabytes worth of data is uploaded to the internet.

Inbound Marketing imposes as a customer service center. Its main objective is to attract it through relevant content. On the other hand, Outbound Marketing focuses more on showing the product and /or service, seeks to impose it as a focus to attract customers.

In Outbound Marketing, the important thing is to get the information to the public in any way, even if it is annoying to cause interruptions. A perfect example is when you’re watching a movie on television and suddenly a commercial. That’s basically Outbound Marketing. The difference is that Inbound Marketing seeks to attract the customer and Outbound seeks to pursue it.


personal, human, facesThe Inbound Marketing uses digital methods par excellence. For example, websites, blogs, social networks, search engines.

Digital media is extremely broad, so you should study what and how to use it to make your client feel fascinated. Outbound Marketing is a more traditional strategy, using methods such as: radio, television, newspapers or magazines and sending emails, therefore it is more expensive.

When using paid advertising media, the budget increases considerably. As you may have noticed, sending emails, better known as email marketing, has been used for a long time. However, for it to be effective you must determine what approach you will give it.

Finally, the main difference between the two is based on the fact that Inbound Marketing does not need a big budget, it just needs a lot of creativity. For your Outbound Marketing campaign if you will need a lot of money.

Types Of Communication

phone, phone camera, cameraThe main characteristic of Inbound Marketing in terms of communication is that it is interactive and bidirectional.

Therefore, it allows us to know the needs and opinions of the client so that you can address a specific audience and not be adrift. In contrast, Outbound Marketing is unidirectional, which means that it does not expect a response from the client. Issues information without waiting for the client to react to it.

The difference between both strategies is that in the Outbound Marketing there is no “feedback” or exchange of information that allows the issuer to know what type of content to publish, in the Inbound itself.

Measurement Of Results

Inbound Marketing, having a public previously studied and to which the contents are directed, allows us to know results and make measurements. Through certain digital tools, you can check if what you have been doing is giving (or not) results.

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If your answer is the second, do not worry. You will have the opportunity to plan a new strategy and / or correct the errors of the previous one, based on the results of the measurements to receive the rewards.

Outbound Marketing, as we mentioned above, seeks to bring the image of the product to the whole world, to large masses of people, it is impersonal. This results in not knowing to whom you direct your content, you do not know if it causes an effect or not, making it difficult to measure it.

ecommerce, selling online, online salesProbably, since you know the main differences between both and what you could achieve, think that Inbound Marketing is more attractive and that Outbound Marketing is not so much. The truth is that the best option you have is to make a mixture of strategies, even if they are polar opposites.

ux, prototyping, designAccording to the study made by Qapital ; 89% of the companies that merge both strategies produce a greater number of sales and, therefore, higher revenues.

You could first try using Outbound Marketing, taking advantage of having a good budget and then, when you attract a bit of traffic, apply Inbound Marketing or vice versa. The key is that you think about what your users want to obtain from you and from that apply your strategy.

While it is true, Inbound Marketing could work better by working alone, but if you make correct use of both, your results would be shot to the top. Learn a little more each day and get ready to make the best marketing strategy ever seen before.

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