Creating A Stunning Landing Page

A landing page doesn’t have to be your homepage; it can also be a standalone page for your product or just another page on your website. The objective of a properly designed landing page is to improve your conversion rates with clients to meet your company’s goals for growth. 
A landing page promoted through Google Adwords has only one purpose: to convert customers. There are many benefits to landing pages, such as helping you gain an SEO ranking. Search engine optimization provides better Google search results which help to increase your visibility.
It can also promote an upcoming product or sale discount and single it out. Because of this, landing pages make it easier to track the success of that specific product, set of keywords, service, or objective. That way, you can see just how successful it is by giving you insight into whether you need to use different marketing methods. 
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No one likes looking at blurry images.

Landing pages should have a great, exciting headline that captures a user’s attention. It should be clear and concise, showing them precisely what you’re offering and what they can expect. However, at the same time, it should also be short; statistics tend to show lengthy title lines are less favorably received.
Pictures are crucial for an effective landing page. Did you know that your brain processes an image 60,000 times faster than it processes text? A picture does speak a thousand words! Video will also offer an additional boost to a landing page.
When you place your images, keep in mind that they should be prominent on the page, relevant to your product, and of high quality. No one likes looking at blurry images, and they look unprofessional. 
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People are much more likely to take action when shown that they may have something to lose.

When creating content for your landing page, make sure that your message is clear to users what you’re selling and what you can offer them. No one wants to be confused about what they’d be getting out of their purchase. While you should be descriptive about this, make sure that your explanation is to the point and not too lengthy, or you’ll lose the readers’ attention.
Another thing your landing page should do is focus on your reader’s pain points. Show them understand their pain point, and what they have to lose from not choosing your product, or how they are missing out on something. People are much more likely to take action when shown that they may have something to lose. This theory is known as loss aversion. Once you show them the pain, you need to explain how your product or service will remedy it. 
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Show people how you can take them from pain to pleasure.

On the other side of pain, you should also include something about pleasure. People want to seek pleasure just as much as they want to avoid pain, so you should also show how they can derive benefits and happiness from using your product. That way, you can show that their emotional needs will be fulfilled by having your product or service.
Another thing people crave for a landing page is the assurance that the company is legitimate. One great way to do this is to have multiple spots on the page display a physical address, phone number, email address, and contact form. You can even buy plugins that let a customer service representative bot ask if they can help—helping to secure more trust between you and your potential clients. 
There are many ways you can improve your company’s number of clients and revenue using a landing page. A skilled digital marketing team can help guide you even further and show great results. To learn more, contact Qapital Consulting, LLC today for a free consultation.
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