How Press Releases Benefit You

Extra, extra – read all about it! Did you know a professionally produced press release is considered a very cost-effective way of marketing your business? If it gains the media’s attention, it’s a great way to deliver an official announcement and get your company out to the masses. Using the links from many high-authority sources and notable publishers can be used to create additional brand visibility. Writing a newsworthy and relevant story about your brand is not for the inexperienced. To produce an effective press release takes around 25 hours of work, and working with an expert is highly recommended. Unfortunately, some publisher values have gone down due to so many sources publishing content. One reason for this is because of an overabundance of press releases out in the world today. The trick is to find high-profile publishers willing to publish your content, and they will only publish you if your content is well-written.
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Brand visibility is a significant benefit of a press release.

The pickier publishers are, the better your results will be. So how do you create content that will get you chosen? Ensure the press release you write is appropriately formatted, educational, well-written, concise, and engaging. Think of ways to represent your company in a valuable and memorable way. Brand visibility is a significant benefit of a press release. When people see your company in an article or headline, it increases their exposure to you, and every bit of recognition helps your company gain more potential customers. People are always more likely to do business with companies that they recognize.
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Press releases are shareable.

Another great attribute of press releases is that they are shareable. Nowadays, users have many different ways to share the content with their family, friends, and colleagues. If you get people in the public excited about your event or content in the form of a press release, it has the potential of getting hundreds to even thousands of shares.  Finding a worthy topic to write about can seem complicated. The key is for you to take a step back and think of what will catch people’s attention. For instance, your press release could be about upcoming product and service releases, exciting new events, charities you sponsor, new employees, and even promotions. If you have nothing like this happening, you could explore new possibilities for your business to talk about, which in turn helps you stay connected to your audience and could provide that shot in the arm you’ve been looking for. The investment in hiring a company that knows the ins and outs of producing an effective press release can make all the difference in the world. If you haven’t tried this approach to marketing your company, contact Qapital Consulting, LLC for a free consultation and let us show you how this cost-effective method works – today!

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