How To Get Consumers 29X More Likely To Choose Your Business

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Would you rather be friends with someone who only talks about themselves, their strengths, and how they’re the best person out there? Or, someone who tries to listen to you, understand you, and share their knowledge?

Obviously, the second. We don’t want to be around walking, talking resumes.

Shouldn’t it be the same for how you market your company?

Education-based marketing expert Trey Ryder says there are two routes you can take when advertising your business.
The first option is sales-based marketing. This is the most standard method used. It’s taking a cold-call, salesperson approach, attempting to sell your brand’s pitch to the customer. This can work but is having less and less of an effect on today’s consumer.

The second method is education-based marketing. “In this specialized field, you take on the role of a trusted advisor and educate prospective clients about their problems and the solutions you can provide,” according to Ryder. 

In short, make it all about them—not you. 

Sounds better? Research agrees. 

Consumers are 29 X more likely to make a purchase after interacting with education-based marketing content than traditional, sales-based marketing.

You could resonate and build trust with your audience—and increase business visibility and revenue while you’re at it—by partnering with marketing consultants in Phoenix. 

Top 5 reasons why hiring education-based marketing consultants in Phoenix could help your business succeed

1. Build trust

People need to know they can trust you before they hand you their time and money.

With many consumers losing their trust in media, be the trusty brand, they know they can rely on.

An education-based marketing approach focuses on communicating directly to consumers and letting them know you understand them: their problems, struggles, and needs. Then, you offer wisdom—education, per se. This can help them feel as if you understand them and want to help solve their problem.

Once this is communicated, they can confidently choose you to help them help themselves solve their problem.

Again, it’s all about them—not you.

One powerful way to do this is through video. Videos resonate with your audience on a deeper level . With higher conversion rates and SEO rankings, hiring marketing consultants in Phoenix that specialize in video production could help you better connect with and build trust with your visitors. 

2. Establish credibility

If every company claims they’re the best one out there, how are consumers supposed to know who really is?

Don’t just tell consumers you are the best option—prove it to them.

By offering helpful resources, education, and content to your customers, you will not only show them that you care about them but that you know your stuff.

96% of B2B buyers want to engage with at least seven pieces of content before choosing to invest their money with a company. 80% of these prefer educational-based content over traditional advertisements.

Establishing expertise and credibility in your field will make customers and clients more drawn to you and, again, trust you with their investment. 

3. You won't look so spammy

People just don't like ads.
Especially ones that look like one.

In 2018, 30.1% of Americans had an ad-blocker on their electronics. Of the rest who don’t, over half wish websites were bombarded with fewer advertisements.

It can be a major turn off when your company’s name, flashy pitches, and boasts flood someone’s screen.

One study showed that 80% of consumers value a brand’s authenticity as the most essential factor in their purchasing decision.

Be the brand that customers don’t mind seeing ads for in their feeds. Receive guidance from education-based marketing consultants in Phoenix to help you offer information beneficial to consumers to build rapport before making your pitch.

4. Give customers what they want

Scrolling through various pitches might overwhelm rather than help your customers.

But you can be the one that stands out.

73% of online buyers view their experience on your website as one of the most important determinants of their buying decision.

Give them the information they’re looking for first. This will decrease their frustration and leave them more satisfied—thus, more likely to make a purchase.

This can be difficult to do on our own. Partnering with marketing consultants in Phoenix could grant you even more minds and expertise to help you know what your customers are looking for.

5. Give them a reason to follow, subscribe, and remain loyal to you

People might not be apt to follow a company’s social media page nor subscribe to their email list if it’s filled with a plethora of sales pitches and advertisements.

By offering free, helpful content and education and genuinely trying to understand your audience’s wants, needs, pains, and struggles, you give them a reason to listen to you. To follow, subscribe, and like you.

Once you’ve got them listening, they’ll be more likely to choose and be loyal to you when it’s time to make a purchase.

The better friend is the one who listens to their friend’s needs.
The better brand is the one that listens to their consumer’s needs.


There are many effective strategies and routes you can take today to make your marketing education-based.

It may seem overwhelming to make such a shift in your brand alone.
Teaming up with marketing consultants in Phoenix could be the right move to help you guide your business to growth and success.
You’ve built your business. Let us help you scale it.
Schedule a consultation with our education-based marketing consulting team here.

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