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Are you thinking about designing a website on your own for your company, product, or service? It might seem like an easy task at first. After all, you’ve seen plenty of professional-looking websites when you browse the web. You might even be thinking, how hard can it be?

However, sitting down and staring at that blank page and trying to create it from scratch often turns out to be a bit more daunting than you’ve anticipated. Like most DIY, you may realize that creating a professional-looking website design can be challenging at best. There are just so many elements that go into a page. Not to mention the fundamentals, like compliance, relevancy, engagement, best practices, and search engine optimization, to name a few.

So, where do you start when it comes to coming up with your design? Let’s look at 5 design tips that can help you create a stunning and effective website.

1. Consider your target audience and how your lines flow on the page.

Lines and angles are important in judging the flow of a webpage and creating a specific mood. For example, if your page’s general direction is more fluid and less of a straight line in terms of alignment, your message might come across as a bit softer. However, if there are more straight lines and solid alignment, it may come across stronger or more serious. 

This is because the lines of the page determine the flow of a site. These lines are not necessarily composed of text and images but the general direction of the content and page dividers’ shape. Here’s an example below.

2. Choose the right colors.

As you can imagine, the right colors are essential when establishing your brand with your design. Different colors will leave your audience with different moods and impressions

Think of how different colors might go together and achieve the feeling you want your audience to have. You’ve probably noticed how specific colors and shades affect something’s overall perceived mood in your own life. For example, something such as bright magenta and yellow would have the effect of making a bold statement, something that stands out to the audience. 

Incorporating reds into your site can be seen as being more fiery and passionate. However, be careful not to overuse this too much since you don’t want to make your colors overwhelming.

A color such as blue offers a more calm and soothing, especially light blues. They’re easier on the eyes and create a softer tone compared to the flashiness of red.

Another example is yellow, which many associate with a bright, happy tone. 

Figuring your website and company’s correct colors is vital for directing how your brand is perceived and remembered.

3. Pay attention to the sizing of your elements.

Like the other two points, sizing things to the correct scale is also very important on your website. You need to come up with appropriate sizing for your elements and remain consistent throughout the site. Properly designing this will create a visual hierarchy for your website.

You’re going to read a large header before you read the small text underneath it. That’s why you should put the essential things as a large heading and keep the content/text straight to the point. Don’t overuse too many large headers on long sentences that users will be less likely not to read.

If you keep text to the proper alignment and keep everything proportional, it will be much easier for readers to navigate your website and see the relevant elements.

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4. Use the right images.

Have you ever looked at a poorly-made website and thought to yourself, ‘All of their photos look like stock photos from the first page of image results’? That’s the last thing you want your visitors to be thinking when they visit your website.

Make sure you use pictures that represent your business and its persona. Did you know more people will look at the visual graphics on a site than reading text on a page? That’s why you need to have attractive images that draw people in and make them want to learn more about what your business can offer.

It can be tempting to use pretty, abstract imagery, but steer clear of this. Just because an image looks nice doesn’t mean that it conveys the right message to your audience. Your photos should make it very clear what your website is about and the purpose of your brand.

5. Make your website accessible.

Accessibility is a website design’s “best practice” that ensures the broadest audience can view your website. 

Accessibility includes:

  • Giving visitors different options for how to communicate with you.
  • Having a responsive mobile design.
  • Adding captions to images.
  • Optimizing your pages for SEO.

These will allow the most amount of people to find you and engage your website.

Having an accessible website also takes away a user’s frustration when viewing your page. Consider a time when you were browsing a website, and you got frustrated with the design, or you were not able to do something due to confusion. It probably made you a lot less likely to purchase that company’s products or want to work with them. That’s why you must be sure to make their experience as seamless as possible.

Now that you’ve learned some of these vital tips in designing your company’s website, it’s time to put them into use. Much more goes into creating an engaging and relevant website that this article hasn’t even scratched the surface. Contacting experts at Qapital Consulting can vastly improve your chance of success. Call us today for a free consultation.

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Working with Danny and Qapital has helped me grow my business and create a direction that has helped us succeed in the first 12 months of our startup. The amount of value they bring for consulting, creative content, marketing strategies and growth is unmatched. I highly recommend working with Qapital Consulting to help scale your business and increase sales!

- Jake M.


Quapital is a great company and team we have used them for the last year with growth beyond our wildest dreams. If you want to grow and fast use Quapital to raise some real capital in your business.

- Nicholas


I can’t say enough good things about Qapital. Todd, Danny, and their team have completely rebranded my real estate business. Prior to working with them, I hired a digital marketing agency out of Colorado that only did pay per click for me. My bounce rate with them was over 80%. When I hired Qapital Consulting, they created a brand new website for me, reduced my bounce rate by over 50%, created and managed all of my social media profiles, helped my with all of ads plus a ton of other stuff! They actually helped me put a full comprehensive marketing plan together to create maximum exposure and build my brand. Thank you for turning my brand from something unappealing that no one had heard of into Josh V Realty. I am grateful for all that you have done for me and highly recommend you to anyone looking for an amazing, honest, and reliable digital marketing agency!

- Josh V Realty

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