Video marketing is vital if you are looking to improve your business online. People are much more likely to watch a video than read a large chunk of text. You can do many types of video content marketing, such as video interviews, tutorial videos, testimonials, live stream recordings, video blogs, and product video demos.
Now, on to those statistics. Did you know:
87% of video marketers see an increase in traffic to their site due to videos.
83% say it helps with lead generation.
80% say video directly caused an increase in sales.
95% of businesses want to increase their video spend over the next year.
Is it worth it? You’re damn right it is!
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84% of people have purchased a product due to seeing the video for it.

Today’s market has seen an increase, with over two-thirds of businesses using video marketing as a tool to generate more sales. Please don’t come in last or risk becoming obsolete by not being one of them. 
Consumers love video marketing. 84% of people have purchased a product due to seeing the video for it. In the past two years, according to google, people watched 5x more shopping-related videos on Youtube. More than that, 55% of people admit to using an online video while they’re physically standing in a store, and 66% prefer videos over reading content.
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92% of consumers watch videos without the sound on.

With that said, as much as users love videos, you have to do it right. A video made incorrectly will not generate you any revenue. There are things you must keep in mind. 92% of consumers watch videos without the sound on, so you should consider adding captions to the screen. Additionally, keep your videos short and to the point. As long as it’s under 1 minute, 68% of people say they will watch a business video fully. However, if it’s longer than that, you’ll reach only 25% of people.
According to a video production company in phoenix. It also matters where you put the video. For instance, a video on Twitter is 6x more likely to be retweeted as a photo with similar content. On Youtube,1 billion videos are watched on an average day. Many small businesses also use Facebook as a platform for sharing their videos. 
As marketing continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly clear just how important videos are for driving your business forward. The stats don’t lie—invest in a video marketing team in phoenix to see better results with your marketing efforts. To learn more, contact Qapital Consulting, LLC for a free consultation today.
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