What Are Local Business Citations?

A local citation mentions a local business’s name, address, and phone number online. Local citations, in turn, increase a business’ visibility and help online visitors discover local companies in their area. Data accuracy can be ensured by managing citations also supporting your Google maps rating. 
There are many places to check your local citations, such as Facebook and AppleMaps. 
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There is a difference between structured local citations and unstructured local citations.

There is a difference between structured local citations and unstructured local citations. A structured citation is a best practice as it allows you to appear on locally searched directory sites. Directory sites are critical in exposing local businesses online. If there is misinformation on any of your citations, it confuses search engines. Ensure your citations are accurate because inaccurate citations will drive traffic away from you, which is the last thing you want.
Unstructured local citations are good too. They tend to be simple mentions of your company on blogs and other websites, among other places. Depending on the quality of the website referring to your business, this can be very helpful for your traffic!
The best way to produce citations is by using automated software. You can also generate them by filling out forms manually on local business platforms if you have the time to do so.

Ultimately, citations have a significant influence on your local search engine ratings and consumer discovery. They are publications of your crucial business data online. These assets are essential for your local business to reach its full potential in generated visibility. To learn more about how proper citations can help you achieve a better online presence. Contact Qapital Consulting for a free consultation today.
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