Why is Content Marketing Important?

Content marketing is used often to advertise businesses, and we hear the word a lot online in forums and on social media. When setting up a new business or eCommerce site, you will start to hear it much more. Here, we’ll take a look at what content marketing is, and why it’s so important.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that engages prospective customers without being a direct advertisement. It is used to stimulate interest in the products and services of a business. The objective is always to propagate profitable action, by leading customers to the product and inviting them to buy it without them ever realizing that they are being advertised to.

Types Of Content Marketing

Content marketing comes in many forms, and there are offshoots of all of them. The three main kinds are:

  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Social media posts
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Why Is It Important?

With content marketing, you can reach a specific audience and directly engage with them. 

A good content strategy will allow you to develop a higher ranking and domain authority, which will result in more website traffic over time as you become more trusted by the search engines.

For example, if you posted an advert for a chocolate bar you invented on a canal boat site it would likely get deleted by the admin. 

However, if you posted a blog about canals each week and wrote an article about the chocolate that keeps you going when you drive your boat, you would likely get a lot of people reading your content and engaging in it. They might follow your page and want to read more about your life on the canals and, in the end, buy a chocolate bar from you.

Using branded visuals is also incredibly important. Every business needs to have a logo. Use a free logo designer online (https://logocreator.io/) so that you can create multiple options and not waste your budget on over-priced designers. When you post content to a site, it will show your target market who you are. If they’ve read your content before, they will recognize it as something they enjoy. Doing this can mean you gain loyal and dedicated customers who not only buy your products but share and interact with your content posts.

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It is important to make your posts interesting, informative, and as engaging as you possibly can. Don’t allow time for people to get bored and don’t add too many links to other products. 


Make people feel good as they read and entice them to click on the link to your product by not brazenly advertising it. Enable customers to feel like they found your product for themselves and that it is their choice to click on it, rather than the reality that you placed it there all along.

Content marketing also speaks the language of love to the bots on the internet. Google is a business and wants as many customers as possible. If your content is widely liked and people interact with it often, it is more valuable to Google. They will post it higher up on their rankings and from this, you will become even more searchable.

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Why Not Just Use Standard Advertising?

Standard advertising works too. There are many times in business when a good advert will go a long way to securing future customers and sales. Social media offers targeted advertising so that you can pinpoint who you want to be advertising to. This is brilliant but will not get you all the way.

Modern businesses need content marketing so that they can flourish in all parts of the internet. So, they can reach the demographic of people who don’t appreciate a hard sell and their website is higher in the Google search results. 

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